1. I have a brand new truck. What do you have available for it?

Many of our manufacturers begin designing products for trucks months before they are introduced. Some manufacturers gather measurements from the truck manufacturer, some use laser measurements in early production models, etc. Regardless, Suburban Toppers works hard to provide toppers, caps, lids, and accessories for brand new trucks as soon as we can after the truck is released. No matter what type of truck you have, there’s a good likelihood that we have the right product for it.

2. What exactly is a “tonneau”?

A tonneau (pronounced “tahn-oh”), is essentially a lid that covers and secures the bed of a pickup truck. Tonneaus come in a variety of styles – hard, soft, roll up, and fold up. Hard tonneau covers are typically made of fiberglass or plastic, provide excellent protection and security, and can be designed to match the aesthetic design of your truck. Soft tonneaus are typically made of vinyl or cloth, and come in roll-up and fold-up styles. Our soft tonneaus come with a lifetime warranty, and will provide a lifetime of easy access and trouble-free protection for your truck bed.

3. Do you install and/or service your products?

Of course! We install and service every product we provide. Our service and installation team has years of knowledge and experience, and we can work with you to find an efficient, long-lasting, and budget-friendly solution to whatever problem you may come across. We take great pride in our work, and we stand behind every product we sell and every service we provide. Come on in to get your vehicle serviced, and we guarantee you’ll leave satisfied.

4. How long will my installation or service take?

Installation and/or service time will vary depending on the product/nature of the service. While our experienced team always works very efficiently, we take no shortcuts on our work to ensure that everything is installed and performed properly. For a more accurate time estimate, contact one of our service reps at 303-320-8677, or toll free at 800-274-8677.

5. Do you offer financing?

Yes! Financing is available to Colorado residents from Synchrony Car Care.

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