Westin Platinum 4″ Oval Wheel-to-Wheel Step Bars

Westin Platinum 4″ Oval Wheel-to-Wheel Step Bars


  • Wheel-to-Wheel length
  • Includes 3rd step pad
  • 4 inch wide step pad
  • Recessed step area
  • Commercial grade
  • Isolator bracket support
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Westin Platinum 4 inch Oval Wheel-to-Wheel Step Bars offer truck owners a commercial grade quality step surface that spans the length of the vehicle and features a third step area to facilitate access to the truck bed. They feature a unique patent pending Isolator Bracket that supports the step bar past the truck cab on long bed applications, a feature that competitors do not offer. Without an Isolator Bracket, the step area that extends past the vehicle cab is left unsupported. Additionally, Westin’s Isolator Bracket bushings act as a cushion for the natural flexing and independent movement that occurs between the cab and the bed mounts during driving, thus eliminating squeaking.


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